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Hello, everybody! It's been a while. (I really need to get better at coming on here more often.)

First of all,

 Pikachu gasp Plz 

Hi there, new people! I am not dead, and I hope none of you are either. For any of you fabulous people, I'd love to hear how you came to follow me, so please comment! I promise I won't take half a year to get back to it.

So, updates!
Judy Hopps - Icon 

I'm about halfway through my first semester at college, and it's been... Interesting. I'm not a huge fan of how little class time there is in the week, but there isn't really anything to do about that. (Yaaaay....) I originally had four classes on my schedule, but I ended up dropping Advanced Writing 101. Why? Well, of all the assignments ever conjured up in school, I would have to say essays are the worst. A 30-minute essay for most people takes me about an hour and a half. And we would be assigned two five-page essays every other day. I'm putting that off for some other time, thank you. An exciting thing, though; I'm going to be taking my first theater class come Thursday! Not sure what to expect, but I'm really looking forward to it. 

What else.. Oh! I am now legally an adult!

I honestly don't know how to feel about that.

Woo! lardgrinn woo

In other news, I have been watching a LOT of youtube/videos online lately. I've watched the series Red vs. Blue, and a couple animes. (Yes, I know. I have no life. Isn't it great?) Have any of you watched anything neat? What kind of shows do you all like? Why is this becoming a game of twenty questions?

The world may never know.

Stay classy!

Also, if I ever get around to it, (which is probably never), I may change my username to Noble Potato. What do you guys think?
  • Reading: Everything but my textbooks
  • Watching: Code Geass
  • Playing: The procrastination game
  • Eating: Pumpkin Pie
  • Drinking: Apple Cider


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Artist | Student | Varied
United States
So, um.. hi! :D

I'm Lilkity828, or lil, or kity, or kiwi! (Depending on who you ask. :P) I'm currently a *senior* in highschool (omw, when did this happen?!) and am an expert procrastinator, which isn't the best of combinations for success. My social life is pretty much nonexistent because school is a vampire bat that's trying to drown me. :D (Makes perfect logic.) It is possible that you've run into me on another website, as I'm not really creative when it comes to usernames, but then again, you may not have, so hello there if I haven't met you yet! :D

I don't really have one particular thing which I draw the most, but if I had to summarize it, I mainly draw monsters and random beasts from my mind (I guess...). One thing about that though: I can't really draw anything with a particular goal in mind (for example, redraw a creature I've drawn before) and just tend to do whatever the line gnomes make me do. XD It's often a power struggle, but my imagination tends to make things interesting...

I am a Christian and I always love philosophical conversations; they're usually the most engaging, memorable, and bonding ones I've had with people. I enjoy helping others with figuring out the amazing dump truck of chaos, otherwise known as life. :P I have my fair share of issues, and who doesn't? I've been fortunate to have had many great role models who have helped me grow up into the person who I am today, and for that I am thankful. One of these people is jaslo; go check out her work if you haven't! (It's amazing. *0*) To be honest, it's because of her that I fell in love with art, and my style (though not always apparent) is heavily influenced by her. :heart:

But anyways, thanks for taking the time to read my incoherent nonsense of a bio and I hope I haven't annoyed anyone too much. ;P



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